Add Beautiful, Natural Stone To Your Home

Improve your home's visual appeal with masonry

If you're looking to make your house look more natural and artistic, consider installing stone features. Stone is incredibly durable, but it can still be customized for all kinds of interior and exterior projects. From pillars and arches for your entryway to a fireplace in your living room, D Silva's Construction can help with all kinds of masonry projects.

We build stone features to give your house the look you want. You can choose from a wide selection of color and texture options to match your home and rest assured that your home will end up with a beautiful look.

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Don't settle for a cookie-cutter look

Some masons can only copy premade designs, giving you a limited selection of styles to choose from. D Silva's Construction can help you design a patio, walkway, pool deck or fireplace from scratch. Our masonry design services include:

  • Helping you choose the right material for your feature's function
  • Designing a stone feature with a style that suits your taste
  • Building and installing your stone feature to your satisfaction
Discuss the stonework you want with a skilled mason. Call 774-930-2979 now.